Informasi Penerbangan

Due to a number of enquiries from visitors, Nias Online contacted two airlines operating in Nias: Merpati and SMAC (Sabang Merauke Air Charter) and received the following flight information:

Warning: Nias Online is not responsible and is not liable for any inaccuracy of information provided in this page. The readers should contact addresses given below for the latest and more accurate information. Visitors spotting any inaccuracy in the information provided should contact Nias Online at:

MERPATI Ticket Sales Office
Jl. Sudirman 108
Kompleks Afilaza
Gunungsitoli – Nias
Ph: +62 639 21400

There are morning and afternoon flights 7 days a week serving Binaka (G.Sitoli) – Polonia (Medan) as follows:

Route: Binaka (G. Sitoli) -> Polonia (Medan)
Mondays and Fridays:
Morning: 08.00 WIB*
Afternoon: 13.30 (01.30 PM) WIB

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays:
Morning: 09.00 WIB
Aftrenoon: 15.00 (03.00 PM) WIB

Carrier: CN-235

Carrying Capacity: 30 passengers, available seats for sale: 27.

Ticket cost: Rp. 560.000.-
Merpati office provides transportation from Gunungsitoli to Binaka Airport at an additional cost of Rp. 30.000. Reservation should be done one day before departure.

Free baggage allowance: 10 kg/passenger. Extra baggage charged at Rp 8250 / kg.

SMAC (Sabang Merauke Air Charter)
Tikcet Sales Office
Jl. Sudirman 100
Kompleks Afilaza
Gunungsitoli – Nias
Ph. +62 639 21010Route: Binaka (G. Stoli) to Padang (West Sumatra)
Mondays and Fridays only:
Morning: 08.00 WIB
Ticket cost: Rp. 226.000.-

Route: Binaka (G. Sitoli) – Polonia (Medan)
Mondays and Fridays only:
Afternoon: 12.00 WIB
Ticket cost: Rp. 550.000.-

Available seats for sale: 22.

*WIB – Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat (Western Indonesian Standard Time) which includes Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung.


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